Master's in Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communications from University of Lugano is perfect for Cultural Brokers

The Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication from the University of Lugano in Switzerland is "designed to equip students with the tools to handle the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism, an ever increasing characteristic of our societies which are marked by economic globalization as well as by values claiming universality, such as human rights.

These analytical and practice-oriented tools are necessary not only to understand but also to manage multicultural interaction in specific professional contexts.

Why study Intercultural Communication at University of Lugano?

The strong traditions of federalism and the decentralized institutional structure of Switzerland provide favourable conditions for the harmonious coexistence of cultures, languages and religions which characterizeour country.
The Italian speaking part of Switzerland, home of the University of Lugano, represents a minority language and culture in the national context. At the same time it provides a bridge between Northern Italy and the German and French speaking regions of Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. It is therefore a region particularly sensitive to multicultural questions and experienced in coping with them.
The use of several languages in a multicultural atmosphere is a strong point of USI. Furthermore, the university places great emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to find solutions to concrete economic and social problems."

Quoted text above taken directly from their website.